Diamond Tots

Tots Tennis

“quality coaching starting young”

Tennis classes for children in nursery or reception. Classes teach fundamental skills, in a fun environment which are great for all sports. We hope they will develop a love for tennis and will keep learning and playing the game for years to come.T

We are delighted to bring Tots tennis to Cardiff, this will help develop our younger pupils and give them a great start in tennis.

Courses are booked in 4 week blocks. The booking is made online for a specific day and time. Eg, Saturday 9am. The course dates are shown at time of booking and valid for those 4 sessions. If any session is missed no refund or exchange is possible. No discounts are offered for booking on after the course has started. Players need to bring their own rackets. Rackets can be bought online from us and will be with players at their first session.

To Book in Click HERE, or booking button on right of screen. Please select your venue, nuresy or reception and then day and time. If you require any help please call 029 20689382

Group coaching 

Diamond Tots CLICK HERE for Nursery or reception aged children

Diamond Play, for players who want to try tennis, great introduction to the game CLICK HERE

Diamond Learn, for players who want to learn how to play. CLICK HERE

Diamond Compete, for players who want to compete externally of their venue CLICK HERE

Academy programme, for players looking to compete at a county level CLICK HERE