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Since our start in 2006, Diamond Tennis Academy has been passionate about making a lasting difference to our community. We do this by making sure our players enjoy the journey of improvement so that they can compete at the level they aspire to: whether that’s against friends and family on holiday, in the local park or competing in leagues or competitions, we cater for all abilities. Our coaching schedule runs throughout the year during term time and, with our dedicated indoor tennis courts at the Cardiff City House of Sport facility, rain never stops us from playing!

  • We have a passion for giving players the tools to achieve their goals. Teaching solid fundamental skills set players up with the skills required to play tennis for life, whatever the level.
  • Recreational players who are keen to improve and join a club, or play in local tennis leagues: our coaching can help refine and strengthen your existing skills, and work into the move advanced technical and strategic aspects of tennis to help you step up.
  • In addition to standard full court tennis, we provide a comprehensive range of short-court tennis programs (both for juniors and adults) to give players an accessible, affordable introduction (or platform to develop skills) to tennis. The reduced scale court, smaller rackets and foam balls allow anyone to play and enjoy, but also promotes the development of fundamental skills that transfer to full court tennis.
  • Our links with local tennis clubs allow players the flexibility to train with us and also compete for their club: this is a great way to access coaching throughout the year at an indoor facility whilst retaining the benefits of playing and representing a tennis club.
  • We continue to cultivate partnerships with other organisations and communities to help the Cardiff City House of Sport’s ongoing development.

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