Cancellation of sessions until 23rd March

Dear all,


With the worsening of the current crisis and the updated advice from the government and LTA, we will be stopping all coaching sessions with immediate effect for an initial period up until 23rd March.


We hope that we are able to do our part to limit non essential contact during this critical time, and allow our customers, their families and our staff to remain as safe as possible during this difficult time.


Our plan, if we have to cancel face to face sessions for an extended period is to continue to do as much coaching remotely during this time and to reschedule the missed classes at a time which is safe to do so. This may be in the form of additional weeks potentially during the summer holidays or additional all day sessions at a weekend. The exact details of this will be communicated to you once we know how many sessions have been missed. I’m sure you can appreciate that this is a developing situation and we are doing our best to firstly help to keep people safe and second to secure the business.


From next week we will have some online sessions, some fitness based and some skill based for you to access and hopefully this will be the first step to expanding our online offering to our customers.


Stay well and I will be back in contact on the 21st March


Kind regards

Sena Tengey

Director of Diamond Tennis Academy.

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