Sessions we owe our customers

We thank all our customers for staying with us during this difficult time. We appreciate that each person has unique circumstances and will work with everyone as best we can for the benefit of the players.


On the monthly system, customers are paying for 39 session in 12 equal payments. Now instead of the group sessions we will be converting that payment into a 25 minute one to one session.


Players who have continued their payment, and continue to do so, will be owed 15 (14 for the Monday groups) this will convert to 15 x 25 min one-to-one sessions. These players will have a 48 hour priority booking period once we open up bookings and will book 2 sessions back. This should allow us to catch up on all the sessions by the end of July.


For players who have stopped their payment with us, we will also be offering the 25 minute one to one sessions. The number of sessions we owe you will depend on when your last payment came out. Roughly, if your last payment was

March 1st we owe 2 sessions*

April 1st we owe 5 sessions*

May 1st we owe 8 sessions*

June 1st we owe 12 sessions*


We will be offering you slots to take these sessions in 25 minute block to allow as many players as possible the chance to get on court as soon as possible. If you have cancelled your payments and would like to book on for additional sessions then you can do this via our website. Details will be available once we have a confirmed start date.


As in previous years we haven’t run the programme during the school summer holidays. Currently we will continue that this year, but if customers would like additional sessions during August then we can book it. There would be an additional cost for this.


We appreciate that this isn’t exactly what you signed up for however, this is the best we can do in these exceptional circumstances. If these sessions aren’t suitable then please let me know and I will see what we can do to help.


*as sessions stopped on Monday 16th March Monday groups have had one more sessions than the other groups. So they will have 1 less one to one session than the numbers advertised.

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