DT encourages it’s players to compete as much as they can because it’s fun and a key part to the players development. We start off the process of competing within our training sessions and then recommend that players attend our weekend matchplay events.

Weekend matchplay sessions are pay and play and open to all who want a game. Ideal for player in our Diamond Play or Diamond Learn social/recreational players. Just like all DT sessions it is key that the player chooses to attend the matchplay session. Siblings, Coaches, Parents cant force them to attend and unless the player wants to attend they wont get the most from the session.

Matchplay will prepare them to be able to compete in their school tennis team. If their school doesn’t have a tennis team speak to Coach Sena and he will sort it out! Representing your school is a great honor which is why we have set up these matchplay sessions to support players who have that aim.

We teach players about the scoring system and basic tactics in a fun environment.  It also gives them a chance to practice their skills in a match situation. Once they have become familiar with the rules and are ready for the next challenge we recommend that they play some local area matches.

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To be able to compete at a club level against players from different clubs they will need to have a British Tennis Membership which is free to members of tennis clubs (please visit Once they have a British tennis membership they should ask their coach about which tournament would be best for them to enter. Although tennis is an individual sport, as a club we do try to organise some team competitions. Please ask your coach for more details about these competitions. For more information on Rating, view The LTA Rating System Explained. Which age group are players in? check out the age group calculator

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